Need a Rainy Day Activity? Watch Oliver Twist Tonight at Chautauqua!

2014_OliverTwist_220x200pxTonight’s showing is the 1922 version of the story captured on film. Here is how they describe the film on the Chautauqua website:

This 1922 film is considered the most faithful version of Dickens’ original novel—virtually every major character and subplot is included with little in the way of changes (quite a feat for a 78 -minute movie). In Victorian England, young Oliver Twist (Jackie Coogan) is born into poverty. His mother dies and his father is unaccounted for. Oliver is sent to a workhouse and gets in trouble for requesting more gruel. Running away from abusive conditions, Oliver heads for “polluted” London. He meets the Artful Dodger and joins a gang of boy pick-pockets led by the crafty old Fagin (Lon Chaney). The film is rich with visual detail and sets and costumes conjuring up the dilapidation and inequality of the era. Director Frank Lloyd was a great aesthetic shot composer with a painterly eye. As Fagin Chaney puts in a physical performance conveying great presence and character. 

Showing tonight, July 30, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Chautauqua auditorium. Purchase Oliver Twist tickets here

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