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Gardeners: Learn how to grow native plants for beauty and ease


Gardening with Colorado’s Native Plants?

The City of Boulder is promoting gardening with native plants. Why? Because they are beautiful, low water, once established low care.

Beauty – Boulder’s natives are gorgeous additions to any garden, providing a range of growth habits from ground covers to shrubs and trees, with lovely foliage plants and hardy bloomers included. A native garden will bloom from very early spring until well after the first snow flies.

Uniqueness – Chances are, no one else on the block will have a garden like it. Many native wildflowers and grasses are more subtle than the run-of-the-mill hybridized petunias, marigolds and pansies that everyone else has.

Low Care and Low Water – Since they have grown here for millennia, Boulder’s natives have evolved to shrug off anything the local environment can throw at them. Hail? Drought? Heavy spring snow? Early frost? No problem. Once established, most will never need to be watered.

Wildlife – Colorado’s fauna and flora have developed countless symbiotic relationships. Native plants will attract a bevy of beasts, birds, bees and butterflies to your yard. Plus, you can feel good about providing animals with the habitat they need to survive.

Biodiversity – Native plants have suffered under an onslaught of exotic species. Some introduced garden plants, like dame’s rocket, perennial sweet pea, myrtle spurge and purple loosetrife have escaped cultivation to become noxious weeds. They threaten to destroy the natural lands that you have purchased through the OSMP program. Give the natives a chance to reclaim the landscape by sowing them in your garden.

Our Heritage – Native plant gardens celebrate our biological and cultural heritage, helping to maintain a local and regional identity of which we can be proud. Learn about and pass on the lore and knowledge humans have gleaned from these plants over the centuries.

Success – If you provide these plants with the same care and environment they receive in the wild, they will succeed. That’s good for you!

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