Jamestown, Colorado: A Vibrant Mining Town Just Outside of Boulder

Jamestown, located 12 miles northwest of Boulder, is one of the oldest mining towns still thriving in the United States. The town’s welcome sign indicates it was established in 1863 and incorporated in 1883. At an elevation of over 7,000 feet, Jamestown is a lovely little town surrounded by high canyons. Two creeks, the Big and Little Jim (James) Creeks run through town. There is no clear documentation of the origin of the town name. A previous resident claims the town, as well as the two creeks, were named after James Arbuthnot who diverted the water in 1860 from the St. Vrain River to create a pond which supplies James Creek. A more established finding credits a gold miner by the name of George Zweck as the founder and first settler in the area in 1860.

Jamestown has seen three booms and lay deserted for many years between them. It has also weathered a few floods that virtually destroyed the town including the recent Boulder Floods of 2013. Today Jamestown is rebuilding and is once again a vibrant community on the mend.

Read the entire article about Jamestown history here at the Boulder County Open Space website –


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