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Free Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.02.03 AMThere seems to be an abundance of water right now in Boulder, but we still live in an arid environment. Water-wise landscaping saves water & creates a less maintenance intensive landscape for you to maintain. Interested? The Center for Resource Conservation [CRC] is offering many free workshops on the topic in the near future. Here is a list of what the upcoming workshops:

  • April 7th, Boulder – Introduction to Xeriscape
  • April 7th, Longmont – Jumpstart your Xeriscape Garden
  • April 8th, Lafayette – Maintaining your Xeriscape Garden
  • April 9th, Erie – Integrating Xeriscape into your Landscape
  • April 9th, Brighton – Turf Management for Xeriscaping
  • April 10th, Lafayette – Introduction to Xeriscape
  • April 10th, Louisville – Drip Irrigation How-to
  • April 14th, Golden – Native Bees and Xeriscape Gardening
  • April 14th, Brighton – Introduction to Xeriscape
  • April 15th, Boulder – Edible Xeriscape
  • April 15th, Longmont – Tough and Beautiful Plants for your Xeriscape
  • April 17th, Golden – Low Water Tips and Tricks

Get the details on these events & register here.


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